Change the way the world’s most beloved brands engage their customers

InfluencerDB is the leading SaaS influencer marketing platform for identifying, analyzing and monitoring influencer marketing campaigns. We help brands create connections that inspire and persuade. And we create transparency and precision in a process that – until now – has been murky and full of guesswork.

We are a very international team (11 countries represented so far!), building a dynamic, growth-oriented company in Münster, Germany, one of Europe’s most “livable” cities. We’re looking for builders and doers who are excited to join a highly collaborative team. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.

How can we help you to do what you do even better?

We aim to create a collaborative environment that also lets people do what they do best. What do you need to do your job incredibly well, and then, how can we get out of your way?

Be a part of products you are proud of.

We only ship code we can stand behind, and we only use data that is useful for our customers. We believe in our products, and we’re looking for team members who want to help us deliver that quality to our customers.

There’s work. And also, there’s everything else.

What does work-life balance mean to us? It means that we have the ability to be successful in our jobs and as a company, and still enjoy all that life has to offer.

Get to Know Our Team.

What I Did Last Thursday

Amin Abromand, InfluencerDB Software Engineer

Arrival: I arrived at 8:45 AM and read some of my e-book while eating a bowl of breakfast muesli from InfluencerDB’s famed muesli bar. Sometimes I arrive a little later because of my morning workout routine.

10 AM: I spent the morning studying the VCR cassette and unit test mocking library as I wanted to set up thorough unit tests for our data mining architecture. Later in the morning, my teammate Thomas and I work through a rigorous performance testing of our new data storage machine.

Lunch: Lunch with some of the team at the Skater’s Palace. They have really good food for a reasonable price.

Afternoon: Wrote the unit tests for the data mining architecture.

3:15 PM: Afternoon break to grab some cookies and fruit from the kitchen and fill up my tea mug. Thomas and I discussed our newest business idea.

4 PM: David, our CPO, and I, met about the first performance test on the cloud spanner.

Departure: One game of “Achtung die Kurve!” with Hendrik from the Sales team before I headed out to my boxing club for the evening.

What We Offer

Competitive salary

Stock options

Excellent vacation

Flexible working times

Flexible working locations and telecommuting options

High quality work equipment

Breakfast bar and salad lunches

Well-stocked drinks cooler

Geoffrey, the elder dog

Tukk, the wonder dog

Leroy, the puppy